Due to the extreme conditions in which our products operate, we are committed to using only the best materials and components available.

    • Polyester webbing is specified, amongst other qualities, for its very high strength, excellent resistance to abrasion and excellent resistance to sunlight.
    • 316 Stainless Steel Over-centre Buckles.
    • 316 Stainless Steel Lift Latch (Aircraft Type) Buckles
    • 316 Stainless Steel Adjustable Harness Buckles
    • Acetal Side Release Buckles
    • 4/5 point Cam Buckles
    • 316 Stainless Steel Anchor Plates
    • 316 Stainless Steel Carbine Hooks
    • 316 Stainless Steel Adjusters with Sliding Stainless Steel Bar
    • Stainless Steel Adjusters with Sliding Anodised Aluminium Bar
    • Acetal ladderlocs